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MEMBERSHIP                                                                                    Cindy Morrell,

                                                HAPPY 2018 One and All!  The New Year will begin with a full schedule of
                                                events for you to enjoy here at PGICA. Check the calendar in the
                                                Commentator and watch for email BLASTS about upcoming events, and be
                                                sure to invite your friends and neighbors!  Now is the time to take the class,
                                                join the club or have the adventure you have been waiting for!

                                                Each One – Reach One Membership Campaign is in full swing at PGICA. It
                                                is a BOGO offer!. All you need to do is to invite your new neighbors and
                                                friends to join PGICA. When you bring a new member to join, you will
                                                receive an additional month to your membership FREE. You are our best
                                                advertising. Share the JOY!

         PGICA is more than just a fun party place. The Board of Directors continues to monitor our City and County Government
         and is a constant voice in maintaining the community we all love. Please bring your cares and concerns to the attention
         of the PGICA Board of Directors.

         New Member Reception Wednesday, January 31, from 5 to 7 p.m. Attention all
         new members: Please come make new friends and learn more about your Punta
         Gorda Isles Civic Association at a free cocktail party. PGICA Clubs and Groups will
         be on hand to welcome you and share information about the various opportunities
         available to you at PGICA. Reservations are requested - call 941-637-1655 to
         reserve your spot. We look forward to meeting you!

                                              We are excited to welcome the new members who joined in the
                                              month of November 2017:

         Cynthia Clayton            Michael and Beth Guier   John and Linda Schlinger      Jim and Susanne Turlington
         Richard and Mary DeLuca    Donald Hendler           Reinhard and Nina Schumann    Larry and Marcia Vorhees
         Paul and Teresa DiStefano   Tom Johnson             Jess and Nancy Searle         Al and Sally Weigand
         John and Theresa Fitzgerald  Joe and Tracie Juiliano   Michael and Diane Simone   Sherwood and Mary Zink
         Robert and Marilyn Gault   Karen Landherr           Robert and Teresa Steinway
         Fred and Frances Graham    Tom and Barbara Mordock  Ewing and Christine Sutherland
         Gail Graham                Pam Price-Johnson        Glen and Barbara Taylor

                           SUNSHINE LADY

                                 Adeline Seakwood
                                    575.0906 or

                              Call Adeline if you know of
                              anyone who is ill, has lost a
                            loved one, or is just in need of a
                               word of encouragement.

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