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THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                Aaron Wagner, 941-916-9470,

                              As of January 1, I have been elected to the position of president of the PGI Civic Association.

                              During the past year, I have been in training as the president-elect and the knowledge I've
                              acquired has been mind-boggling.

                              My previous experience in the PGICA was my two-year stint as president of the PGI Fishing
                              Club. That experience only scratched the surface of the responsibility I will be assuming as the
                              incoming president of this magnificent organization. If anything, the year spent as president-
                              elect has given me a broader understanding of the functions of the board of directors and its
                              paid staff as well as the ongoing building maintenance and its future usage.
            Aaron Wagner
         The building is a high-maintenance endeavor. Its numerous air conditioners and the many components needed to
         keep the building running in an efficient manner require a large amount of capital just to keep it open for the use of its
         many members.

         For those just getting to know me, my wife, Ellen, and I moved to PGI in the fall of 2010. Having lived in Albany, New
         York, for my entire life, we both thought that PGI was the place for us to retire.

         We found out about this little town through friends who'd moved here several years before, and after visiting Punta
         Gorda several times, we made the decision to move here permanently and have never regretted that decision.
         However, I must admit that during hurricane Irma, I was having second thoughts. Ellen and I did not evacuate; we
         thought we'd tough it out.

         We were as prepared as anyone could be. We had extra water and food and a generator and 25 gallons of gas for it in
         case we lost power. Luckily, we didn't lose power and only lost a few fronds off our trees. Yes, we were lucky.

         The year ahead will be a new experience for me that should last a long time and I look forward to the challenge. I
         know I'll hit a few bumps along the way, but I also know I'll have plenty of great people I can lean on for advice and

         Our past president, Debby Carey, led the way for me. She has been an inspiration and someone I know I can
         approach at any time for advice or just to listen should I feel the need to talk.

         Debby has done a great job this past year as your president and I only hope I can keep things going as smoothly as
         she did.

         I look forward to my year as the president of the PGI Civic Association and the many great ways I can serve you. I'm a
         good listener so if you have any issues (good and bad, but not too many bad, I hope), don't hesitate to contact me.
         That's why I'm here–to serve this great organization and community.

         PGICA Board Members…

         President                 Aaron Wagner                 Education                      Carol Duncan
         President-Elect           Frank Easby Smith            Government Relations           John Miller
         President, Past           Debby Carey                  Member Activities              Barbe Koss
         Treasurer                 Ron Olsen                    Health, Safety/Welfare         Janet Lynn
         Secretary                 Carol Geiger                 Membership                     Cindy Morrell
         Center Administrator        Jack Gardner               External Relations             Steve Brown
         Planning/Development       Dan Kain

                                                                PGICA Mission Statement
                                              “To enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda Isles as a vibrant and
                                                              unique waterfront community.”

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