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PGICA RECOGNITION PROGRAM                                                           Ed Zapke,

                                                Since the year began, I have been urging you to think about those
                                                individuals who have made a difference in our community. It is already July
                                                and before you know it, we will be back in season: fishing, boating, joining
                                                with friends at the PGICA Center to socialize and play, volunteering to help
                                                others, working to make the Isles just a little bit better or reflecting upon how
                                                blessed we are to live in this very special corner of Florida. It is now time to
                                                put in writing what you have been urged to think about for the past five
                                                months. The deadline for nominating someone to be recognized for their
                                                contributions to our community is fast approaching.

                                                Next time you are at the Center, or checking out the PGICA website, while
                                                lounging under a maple tree up north, pick up a nominating form and
                                                complete it immediately. Don’t procrastinate, “out of sight, out of mind.”

         Here is what the committee is looking for:
                We are looking for people who have gone beyond the basics. What has a person done for the community? Has
                the person had a long term impact? Has their contribution made our community a better place to live? Please
                note that the contribution may be local (PGI only), City or County wide.

         These are the rules for eligibility:
                Nominees, living or deceased, must currently be or have been a resident of Punta Gorda Isles. PGICA
                membership is not mandatory. Current members of the PGICA Board of Directors are not eligible.

         This is what you must do to complete the nominating process:
                A brochure, with a nominating form, is available at the PGICA Center on the kiosk or on the website. We urge
                you to use the appropriate form. However, you may add further information. The completed form may be mailed,
                faxed or dropped off at the Center. Nominations will be accepted until October 2, 2017.

         Please act now.

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