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                                                                                  Ken Fish, 941-421-2681,

                                         Our mission is to provide social opportunities. Our goals are to make friends,
                                         participate, learn, and enjoy life.

                                         A major change to our monthly meeting took place in May. We moved our monthly
                                         membership meeting to 5:30 p.m. and included a meal of pizza. The program was a
                                         presentation on the new process for signing up for events. All future monthly
                                         meetings will be at 5:30 p.m. and will include a food component. The meeting in
         June was a social get together called “Cook Out/Eat In.” The club provided hamburgers and hot dogs, while members
         bought side dishes and desserts.

         There will be no membership
         meetings in July and August.
         Meetings will resume in September
         with “Taco Night.”

         Over the summer, several activities
         will continue to be scheduled. Meet
         and Greet is scheduled for the first
         Thursday of each month at 5 p.m.
         We will continue to meet at the
         Sheraton Four Points. Dine Around
         will be scheduled on the third
         Tuesday. Restaurants being
         considered are Italia, River City
         Grill, House of Prime and the “New”
         Jack’s (whatever the new name is).
         Watch for Pineapplegrams with the
         specific information. Food and
         Friends and Ladies Lunch Out will
         continue for those who are

         The schedule for July activities is as

         July 6     Meet and Greet, 5 p.m.,
         Sheraton Four Points
         July 18   Dine Around – River City
         July 24   Ladies Lunch Out –
         Scottys at Fisherman Village,
         Darlene Rosen 941-505-1492
         July 28   Food and Friends, Betty
         Peterson 941-639-0599

         Also, Mah Jongg every Wednesday
         at PGICA Building, Susan Berger,

         The pictures with this month’s
         article are from the February
         membership meeting. We had the
         Charlotte High Jazz Band help us
         celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ed and
         Bonnie Verminski are the couple
         featured in one photo, while Sandy
         and Don Helt with Roger and
         Sharon Long are part of the group

         Want to join Floridian’s, contact Rolf Simonson at and enjoy life.

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