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MEMBERSHIP                                                                                    Cindy Morrell,

                                                Happy Fourth of July! In some places the Fourth marks the midpoint of
                                                summer vacation. Here in PGI, summer is just starting to sizzle.

                                                Attention New Members…on July 26, PGICA will host a New Member
                                                Reception. Anyone who has joined since our last reception on March 22 or
                                                any member who has never attended a New Member Reception is invited to
                                                attend. PGICA will host a Happy Hour Event from 5-7, Wednesday, July 26.
                                                The clubs and organizations from PGICA will be on hand to entice you to
                                                join their groups. It is a great opportunity to learn about your Civic
                                                Association and make new friends. Call 941-637-1655 to reserve your spot!

                                                Please spread the word about your
         association. Did you know that only about one half of the residents of PGI belong
         to the association and yet everyone benefits from our hard work? Please share
         with your neighbors the information about the clubs and activities you enjoy
         because you are a member.

         In addition to all of the social benefits offered at PGICA, our organization continues to represent you and your community
         in local government. Punta Gorda Isles was established as a “Deed Restricted Community” when it was opened for
         sales. Under Florida law, deed restrictions expire 30 years after initial sale unless renewed by the controlling body,
         currently the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association. In 1995, the decision was made not to renew the deed restrictions but
         to work with the City to incorporate unique community standards in the City Code. As a result of this decision Punta
         Gorda Isles is located in a “Special Residential Overlay District” that contains special land use regulations to preserve
         the original values of the Isles in addition to the general city code. This is a much stronger standard since these codes
         are enforced by the City and include provisions for the former deed restrictions which have expired in many portions of
         the Isles.

         Your association continues to actively work with city staff and leadership to maintain our quality of life and to ensure
         standards are maintained. Ray Rose is currently the PGICA Board Liaison to City Council and other government

         We are always happy to welcome new members. The following folks joined in May:

         John and Donna Botbyl from Littleton, CO               Carolyn Maupin (renewing membership)
         Gary and Sharon Brown from Gettysburg, PA              George and Sharon Paulikaitis from IL
         David Buchanan and Phyllis Williams from Key Largo, FL   Joseph and Marlyse Spicer from IN
         Miles and Teresa Coady from Oviedo, FL                 Vernon and Ronda Stensland from Sioux Falls SD
         Tony and Patricia Conover from Hanover, PA             Timothy and Joanne Sullivan from Ridgefield, CT
         Gary and Teresa Kunshier from MN                       Dale and Jeanmarie Wentzel from Atlanta, GA

         PGICA Board Members…

         President                 Debby Carey                  Education                      Carol Duncan
         President Elect           Aaron Wagner                 Government Relations           Ray Rose
         President Past            Bill Albers                  Member Activities              Frank Easby-Smith
         Treasurer                 Ron Olsen                    Health, Safety/Welfare         Janet Lynn
         Secretary                 Carol Geiger                 Membership                     Cindy Morrell
         Center Administrator        Randy Hall                 Marketing & Public Relations    Barbe Koss
         Planning/Development       John Miller

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