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THE PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                       Debby Carey, 630-995-0332,

                                It is July and we are half way through our year. Your Board of Directors has been very busy. In
                                our continuing effort to keep costs under control and make things more convenient for you, we
                                are exploring some options. Our website is undergoing a major facelift that will also allow
                                members to access it on their mobile devices. We will soon be providing members the options
                                of setting up annual dues payments as an automatic payment (ACH) once a year or paying by
                                credit card or PayPal. As you know those last two options will cost the association a small
                                percentage of your dues. We are working to get the best price so we don’t have to assess a
                                fee for the convenience. In order to save even more money, we are going to start invoicing
                                renewals by email. We have about 2400 members and send out at least one renewal and
                                sometimes two renewal notices. With the escalating costs of postage, printing, paper and time,
                                the savings for this will be substantial. You will still need to come in to get your membership
                                card updated and to make changes to your personal information. This is still a work in
              Debby Carey       progress, but it is coming. Be sure to watch your email for your annual renewal. As always, we
                                welcome your feedback on this endeavor.

         On Regina’s second week on the job, the A/C compressor for the office and the Gifted Gator went out. It got very warm
         during the four days waiting for the new compressor, but the office staff and the GG persevered. Then because when it
         rains, it pours, literally, the roof began to leak during our horrendous rain storm June 8. The rain was literally coming
         down sideways, and we had several leaks. Regina is getting valuable experience with our repairmen.

         I attended a round table hosted by City Manager Howard Kunik. He invited representatives from all the neighborhood
         groups within Punta Gorda. It is gratifying to know that our City does ask questions about our vision for the city. Almost
         everyone there was in agreement that we didn’t want our waterfront clogged with high rise businesses. We discussed
         several other issues, and I must say it was gratifying to know that most of our neighbors were in agreement on quality of
         life issues. Even if things don’t go our way, at least we were asked. As I learned in the Citizen’s Academy, our city
         government is very transparent. Now, if we could just get them to time these critical discussions while our northern
         residents are here we would all be happier. I have expressed this opinion to several of our city leaders. Just so you
         know, the reply is always the same. We are a city that runs twelve months a year, things happen when they happen.
         Keeping that in mind, rest assured that we will continue to keep you informed as much as we can on ongoing proposals.
         We have representatives at all major informational meetings, City Council, and special interest meetings. If you would
         like to be a part of our Government Liaison Team, please let me know.

         On a much more somber note: we regret that the board had to accept the resignation of John Dauster this month. John
         has retired for personal reasons. This community cannot thank John and Nancy enough for all their contributions to our
         Association, to the city of Punta Gorda and to our Board of Directors. John and Nancy were honored last year as
         Volunteers of the Month, and deservedly so. The amount of influence they have had on many of us within the
         association is incredible. John served on the Board of Directors as a President, various Director positions and in many
         other leadership capacities through the years. He mentored me as a new board member and encouraged me to serve in
         my current position. John and Nancy, the city of Punta Gorda, the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association and I thank you
         for all you did for our community. God bless you both.

         Fortunately, John’s position of Director of Member Activities has been filled by Frank Easby-Smith. Frank will complete
         the remainder of John’s term. We are very grateful to him for answering the call to join our Board. Frank has been a
         member of the Association since 2014 and has been very involved with several clubs. Welcome to the Board, Frank.

         We are a very special organization. We are blessed with members that care about the community, our city and each
         other. This has been a hard month for me. I have had to say goodbye to some of my friends that have made this year’s
         trip north permanent after many years of living here and participating in the PGICA. The neighborhood will feel different,
         the front desk will not look the same without you and the clubs will seem less lively. Please know that I have enjoyed
         knowing you and appreciate all you did for us while you were here. I will miss you. I wish you luck and hope you find
         another community to embrace the way you did ours.

                                                                PGICA Mission Statement
                                              “To enhance the quality of life in Punta Gorda Isles as a vibrant and
                                                              unique waterfront community.”

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